5 Ways to Brainstorm More Efficiently

Brainstorming Ideas for Offices

1. Hold a short half-hour meeting so that everyone fully understands the problem, the players, the stakeholders, and the significance of the problem.

2. Have everyone in the group go get some exercise. Don’t think about the problem but concentrate on doing something physical – let your mind wander. Go outside and walk around.  Do yoga.  Take a run.  Concentrate on the exercise not on the problem.

3. Reconvene and have the whole group listen to one short motivating track of music. A “fight song" or a “march song” is best here. Listen to “When the Saints Coming Marching In” or “Scotland the Brave” played on the bagpipes. Let music help get the creative juices flowing.

4. Start throwing out ideas and writing them down on a whiteboard or glass board – use bright neon markers from MoodClue to stimulate creativity. Bright colors are scientifically proven to increase creativity. No idea should be overlooked here. Write down everything. 

5.  Turn the problem upside down. Ask “What if we didn’t do things the way we typically do?” “What if we stopped doing this?” “What would we do if we didn’t do this?” This 5 step process is a sure-fire way to make your brainstorming sessions more productive. 

Happy problem solving with these 5 Ways to Brainstorm More Efficiently!

5 Ways To Brainstorm More Efficiently

5 Ways To Brainstorm More Efficiently