Back To School Tips for Parents

Think Inside The Lunchbox

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but when it comes to the school year, lunch is the meal that gets kids excited so here are some tips on how to make lunch fun.

1. Get a new, fun lunchbox for your kids! The more they like their cool lunchbox, the more likely they are to eat whatever you put inside. A paper bag isn’t exactly enticing - get them something bright and colorful! Try Spencer’s for ones under $15. 

2. Be sure to include healthy protein-rich snacks like yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, veggies and dip, guacamole, peanut butter, nuts, etc. These foods will keep your kids at the top of their game. Brain food is important especially on long days with a big test or game after school. Extra snacks are good so kids can munch on them throughout the day. Try the selection at Vitacost for great packaged snacks.

3. Meal plan! On Sundays, write out what you are going to pack your kids for lunch each day. Even if you just write “leftovers”, it will help make mornings easier especially as you are trying to make them breakfast and get on with your day. We all have those mornings when we are all feeling “blah” and can’t get our brains to wake up, so a plan never hurts. Get the kids involved in this too so they have input and they get used to a weekly planning process.

4. Write “love notes” to your kids using a MoodClue hangtag and put it on or in their lunch box. These love notes will inspire your kids to do their best and remind them of just how much you love them or wishing them luck on a big test or quiz.  No one is ever too old to get a note from their mom or dad. 

5. Pack their lunches in BPA-free reusable, dishwasher-safe containers.  Be eco-friendly. Reusable containers are a must. Just think of how many days there are in a school year and think of all the plastic you could be saving by not using baggies. Have your kids put their containers straight into the dishwasher when they get home so you don’t have to unpack trash from their new lunchboxes. The Container Store has a huge selection to choose from. Lunch is a great time for kids to socialize and un-wind from their hectic school days. Make it fun and healthy!

Have the best school year yet with these Back To School Tips For Parents!

Back To School Tips For Parents: Think Inside The Lunchbox

Back To School Tips For Parents: Think Inside The Lunchbox