5 Back To School Tips For Teachers

5 Tips To Have The Best Back To School Season

Getting back into the school routine takes some time and adjustment for everyone, here are some tips for teachers.

1. Establish a Clean Slate – This is a new year

This a brand new year so change up your classroom layout from last school year. Organize desks, tables, and cabinets in a way that is conducive to learning. Keeping things fresh helps to motivate you and helps you let go of past years. Invest in a new, colorful planner to help you get and stay organized, motivated and happy. We love the planners at Erin Condren. Put together the first month of lesson plans with lots of interactivity that will get all your students involved. It’s okay to over-plan your lessons as you don’t want students to be left with time on their hands and nothing to do! 

2. Set the Tone – Positive, happy, learning-oriented

Give your space personality as well as structure. Build class spirit and create a team environment. Decorate your classroom in a way that reflects your personality and teaching style. Decorate your door and a bulletin board (or two) within your classroom. Friendly and fun décor that is still focused on learning is key. We love using MoodClue easy-clean liquid chalk markers to add bright colors in unexpected places. 

3. Create Student-Focused Relationships – Give and get respect

On the first day, get your students involved with setting classroom rules. When kids are a part of this important task, it becomes personal and meaningful. Once the class rules have been finalized, post them in a place where all students can see them and you can refer to them as needed. Build first week activities that help students learn about each other and you. Activities that move students around will make them more comfortable in the classroom. Don’t forget to smile and give lots of praise. Focus on the positive actions of your students and give positive discipline. Encourage your students to reach out if they need help in any way. We love checking out TeachersPayTeachers for freebies and resources.

4. Engage with Colleagues and Parents – Build positive relationships

Be a known face around your school and build relationships with everyone who works in the same building. Get to know the office, media, lunchroom, and janitorial staff as well as fellow teachers and the principal. Find a colleague to whom you can turn for advice, share your triumphs, or simply unload about a classroom challenge. Build your parent community quickly. Make contact with parents within the first week of school and open the lines of communication by providing them with your preferred contact information. Use a tool like SignUpGenius to recruit classroom volunteers, coordinate your wish list, schedule parent teacher conferences and plan class parties. Excellent tool!

5. Enjoy Being a Teacher – Relax, you’ve got this

This one is important! Give yourself regular pep talks about having lots of patience and a sense of humor. Building our youth is not always easy but your influence will change your students’ lives. Breathe. The beginning of school can be very hectic. A couple of deep breaths will help you decompress. Remember, students are nervous too. Throw in some laughter. Have a joke or riddle of the day. If you have a bad day, shrug it off the next day and start again with a positive attitude. You are in control of your class and the classroom atmosphere. Relax – you’ve got this! 

With these 5 Back To School Tips For Teachers, this will be your best school year yet!

5 Back To School Tips For Teachers To Have The Best Back To School Season

5 Back To School Tips For Teachers To Have The Best Back To School Season