Fun Easter Gift for Girls

By Lauren Wilmot

Fun Easter Gift for Girls

MoodClue bag-tags have become an internet sensation with girls, especially tweens.  Each MoodClue bag-tag comes with a matching carabiner (which means hook), plus a set of neon liquid chalk markers.

Individuals can use the bag-tags to express daily thoughts, dreams, doodles, or whatever they want! MoodClue aims to remind you that everyone's thoughts, dreams, doodles, etc. are important and quotable (this is why we made it quote-shaped, of course)!

Teams have also been buying bag-tags so each player can write friendly yet competitive messages aimed at their opponents before games and show them off on their sports bags! Since the message you write can be changed as many times as you'd like, you can display a unique message to each opponent.

Plus, MoodClue markers can be used on any non-porous surface (glass, metal, hard plastic, etc.). So, you can write notes on your car -- think: GO TEAM! -- or notes around the house -- think: HAPPY EASTER!

Get a MoodClue bag-tag set or MoodClue markers today on Amazon Prime (search MoodClue) for a special gift on Easter morning!


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