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MoodClue liquid chalk markers can be used as window markers, glass marker, whiteboard markers & more

Make work more fun and productive.  Multiple studies show that bright colors promote creativity and productivity and that doodling is great for the brain. Draw, write, plan, advertise and brainstorm on glass panels, whiteboards, glass boards, bistro boards, windows and professional chalkboards. Inspire out-of-the-box solutions. 


MoodClue neon liquid chalk markers can be used as car markers for windows washable and glass markers

Use our liquid chalk markers around the house to leave notes for your family members at home or to decorate for a party or for fun at school. Use them on whiteboards, glass, ceramics, windows, car windshields, mirrors, stainless steel, sealed tiles and stones, in the shower, or even in your hair! MoodClue liquid chalk markers are both wet and dry erase - washable, non-toxic, odorless, dustless.

Kids +

MoodClue liquid chalkboard markers and bag charms are great as kids school activity or camp gift.

Use to draw, write, advertise or emote. Kids, stores, and social media users love to express themselves with our proprietary rewritable display hangtags and markers. Great for backpacks, inside lockers, homes, stores or anywhere. Hangtags come in six colors and include markers and a hook. The chalk will dry and stay until you wipe clean with a wet or dry cloth. The fun is endless.


How to use MoodClue markers & other FAQ's

How do I get MoodClue markers to work?

MoodClue liquid chalk markers need to be started. You can use as car markers for windows washable.

The markers need to be "started" which means that you need to shake the marker then press and pump the tip against a writing surface. This will cause the ink to flow into the tip. 

The tips start as white/tan and become colored as the chalk flows to the tip (except the white which of course stays white!) Keep pressing and pumping. It takes about 90 seconds - be patient. Fun is about to arrive!

What surfaces can I use MoodClue markers on?

Use MoodClue neon liquid chalk markers as liquid chalkboard markers, window markers, glass marker

The easy-clean markers work on any non-porous surface. You can use them on whiteboards, glass boards, mirrors, glass, windows, ceramics, slate, windshields, stainless steel, sealed tiles and stones, slate, many appliances, most chalkboards, MoodClue hangtags, bistro boardsLED boards, etc. 

Not suitable for low quality chalkboards or chalkboard-painted walls. If you're unsure if a certain surface is non-porous, test a small amount in the corner.

How do I change the tip of the MoodClue markers?

MoodClue liquid chalk markers are reversible tip markers that can be used on any non-porous surface

The tips of the markers are reversible. You can have either a chisel tip or a rounded tip - pull the tip straight out and then reverse it.  

Some people use a tweezers to pull it out but we just use our fingers as the liquid chalk is so easy to clean off.

How long does it take MoodClue markers to dry?

MoodClue neon liquid chalk markers dry  in 2 minutes and are washable with wet erase or dry erase.

The liquid chalk markers generally dry in less than 2 minutes. They become smudge-proof and fully dry in about 5 minutes.

How do I clean off the MoodClue markers?

MoodClue neon liquid chalk markers are washable with either wet erase or dry erase on glass and more

You can use either a wet or dry cloth to wipe your drawing or writing off whatever surface you used the markers on. The markers are water-based liquid chalk so, if you get it on clothing or in your hair, it washes right out with water.  

MoodClue hangtags wipe off like a whiteboard or can go directly into the sink for an even quicker clean.

Can I take the markers & hangtags on planes?

MoodClue products are FAA approved. Just start the liquid chalk markers before getting on a plane.

The FAA is fine with taking MoodClue hangtags and markers on an airplane but please start the markers BEFORE you fly. The pressure on airplanes causes the markers to start quickly which makes the ink spurt out. If they have been started at ground level, they work great on an airplane. This may happen in high alpine environments too, so start your markers before taking them to the top of the world! Your sherpa will appreciate it! 

Our Story

MoodClue is run by a mother-daughter team, Elizabeth & Lauren Wilmot. We create colorful products that inspire creativity, productivity and positivity that can be used anywhere and by anyone.   

Lauren and Elizabeth have been working together for years as Lauren helped out during summers and school vacations at Elizabeth's previous company. Lauren's idea for this company is rooted in her time as a cheerleader including being the captain at UVa. She wanted to create a positive, fun, inspiring company and now here we are...

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