For Bags, Parties, Social Media, Retail, Daily Inspiration & More

MoodClue's rewritable hangtags are available in six bright colors. Each comes with a matching hook and six easy-clean neon markers. There are an endless number of ways to use these hangtags. They are shatter-proof, weather-proof, magnetic and erasable.

Bag Charms - MoodClue hangtags are often used as bag charms by teens and tweens. GIRLS LOVE THIS! A variety of colors allows for kids to match their bags or team colors. Our proprietary coating process makes it smooth, shatterproof and weatherproof. The hangtags are the perfect backpack tags because they won't get ruined when you drop your bag on the floor! They are also perfect birthday or party gifts.

Social Media - Social media, especially Instagram, can be a tough place for brands to break through to the right audience. Brighten up your posts by writing a narrative on a hangtag and incorporating it into the photo.

Retail - This is a great way to announce sales or specials in your display window or on your social media posts. Rewritable, erasable hangtags for display. Hang anywhere!

Daily Inspiration Board – Place your hangtag in different places around the house and write inspirational messages that you can look at all day. The hangtags are quote-shaped to remind you that everyone's voices, thoughts, doodles, and drawings are quotable and important.

Events - This is a great gift for birthday parties or for baby showers so new moms can narrate their baby's "firsts" in photos to share with their family or on social media. The hangtags are also perfect in goodie bags or for bachelorette parties so bridesmaids can write matching notes on their bags! 

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MoodClue hangtags can be used as bag charms, message boards, social media signs, and more. Our hangtags were designed with a thick, heavy gauge metal and proprietary double coating to ensure safety and no ghosting.



How do I clean MoodClue hangtags?

You can use either a wet or dry cloth to wipe your drawing or writing off the MoodClue hangtag. You can also put it into the sink for even quicker clean. They wipe off like a whiteboard.

Are the MoodClue hangtags sharp around the edges?

We purposefully made the hangtag point rounded for safety. Additionally, the metal is thick (a heavy gauge) and coated in two layers of our proprietary coating so the point is not sharp.