MoodClue neon liquid chalk markers used as window markers, glass marker, whiteboard marker, and more

Liquid Chalk Markers

For Businesses, Classrooms, and Homes

MoodClue's liquid chalk markers are eco-friendly and made with the finest, most vibrant liquid chalk. They can be used on any non-porous surface. Test a small amount in a corner if you're unsure.

Office Spaces – Dry erase is so yesterday! Because our liquid chalk is water-based, the colors come out bold and brilliant. The colors will inspire productive meetings and out-of-the-box solutions to your business's problems. Write on the whiteboards, glass boards, and glass partitions around your office with no ghosting. Plus, you can write notes directly on laminate desks. These easy-clean markers are both wet erase and dry erase. Use almost anywhere!

Boutiques & Bistros – Do you have to write signs to grab the attention of street-goers? Do you write menus and specials on signs around your bistro/cafe? Look no further than our liquid chalk markers. Our bright colors will attract visitors immediately. Grab a set of markers and a MoodClue hangtag and use them to highlight your specials/deals and grab the attention of your social media followers.

Classrooms – Liquid chalk markers can be used on whiteboards, slate, and professional-grade chalkboards. Bring bright colors to your classroom and inspire serious creativity in your students. Not only do colors boost creativity, colors also help with information retention, so when testing season comes around your students will be top of their grade.

Homes – There is a seemingly endless number of surfaces in homes that you can use liquid chalk on. You can clean liquid chalk off of non-porous surfaces with just a wet or dry cloth. Write notes on stainless steel appliances, on sealed tiles in showers, on ceramics, on car windows to celebrate a birthday or game day, and more. You can even use these markers in your hair or on your body (we know our swim team-ers love this)!

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MoodClue's liquid chalk markers are perfect for any non-porous surface. They are vibrant, easy to clean, non-toxic, water-based, odorless, and dustless.