Liquid Chalk Markers and rewritable bag-tags

Express Yourself With MoodClue

MoodClue's rewritable bag-tags are fun and colorful! Draw or write on the bag-tag with our easy-clean, multi-purpose markers. Your message will dry and stay until you clean it off and draw something else. 

The versatile liquid chalk markers, also sold separately, are being snapped up by kids and adults alike! They can be used on any non-porous surface in offices and homes. Use the markers on glass; hard plastic; white/chalk boards; mirrors; windows; stainless steel; sealed tiles and stone; etc. Dry-erase is so yesterday! 

The non-shatterable, weather-proof and magnetic bag-tags are available in six bright colors to match your bag or team colors. Each comes with a matching hook and six easy-clean neon markers. MoodClue products are perfect for happy, positive, inclusive messages. Make your bag fab with MoodClue!

MoodClue bag-tags and markers are great gifts for athletes or teams, budding artists or writers, and those kids who seem to have everything! Available here and Amazon Prime.  


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MoodClue Named Top Cool & Unique Gift For Tweens on Jenraly

Looking for other great gift ideas for the tweens and teens in your life? MoodClue has been featured on Jenraly's list of 44 Cool Gifts for Tweens and Teens That Go Beyond Cell Phones and Tablets

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Athletes Love MoodClue

MoodClue fans across the country are sending us their photos and videos to be featured on our social media pages - check us out on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!  We love seeing what people are doing with our re-writable bag tags and easy-clean markers. 

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MoodClue Ambassador Program

MoodClue, the newest trend for girls, is introducing a brand ambassador program to help spread the word about our bag charm sets and markers!  Our ambassadors come from around the country and are all enthusiastic social media users.  They all have a love of expressing themselves and are using MoodClue bag-tag and markers to do just that.


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